My Story

I am the youngest of 10 children and grew up in the country. My parents inspired us to help other people, follow the golden rule and volunteer to gain a balanced life. This lead me to the medical field and a variety of volunteer opportunities. I currently live in the city; however, I would like to get back to a rural setting. I obtained my CNA when I was 18, then pursued a degree in Respiratory Therapy. After working in the field for a few years, I knew I wanted to stay in the medical field, just a different area.

My employment history also includes: sales, management, insurance, underwriting and customer service.  I have a double bachelor degree; one in business and one in marketing.  I obtained my Master of Science degree in Organizational Behavior in May 2000.

I have always wanted to own a business and loved the opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur. I decided to launch my business after much brainstorming with family, relatives and friends.I have never looked back at my decision to become an entrepreneur. I love to have the flexibility between work & pleasure.

Ann Koleske
Ann Koleske

My passion: To educate as many people as possible so more lives may be saved!  Also to teach the students that they can handle any emergency if needed and make sure they feel comfortable with the skills before leaving the classroom.

Why I started my business: I wanted to become an entrepreneur and build a business foundation based on honesty and excellent customer service.  With a medical degree in respiratory therapy and nursing assistant, I wanted to pursue a business in the medical field.  I also love the flexibility!

Best business advice: Believe, have faith and always follow the 'Golden Rule'.

My biggest challenge: Conquering social media!!


What helps my business grow: Networking at chamber and business events, general referrals and follow-up conversations.  We are also very grateful for the referrals we receive from class participants.

How I balance work/life: I exercise on a consistent basis to stay healthy.  I network and volunteer to stay actively involved in and give back to the community. I also appreciate the extra support from fellow entrepreneurs.

What's next: Expanding the curriculum based on client requests and adding additional services to Hands to Heart, LLC.​

Ann Koleske